How to Create a 
Profitable Beauty Business


During This Live Workshop 
You Will Learn:
  • How to elevate your Beauty Knowledge and Skills 
  • ​How to brand yourself as a Trichology Expert
  • ​H​ow to attract clients without big marketing cost
  • ​Hair & Scalp Health services you can offer
  • ​H​ow much you can earn using Trichology 
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Approximately 50% of the world’s population are suffering with some form of hair and scalp disorder - that's why if you are a Salon Owner, Beauty professional, Dietitian, Nutritionist, Health Practitioners, etc. this class is FOR YOU!!!
Your Host
Dr. Germaine Williams-Beckles
Dr. Germaine Williams-Beckles (Dr. Gees)
Director of Rayogee Wellness Lifestyle Hair & Scalp Clinic 

Certified Trichologist, Transformation Coach/Speaker, Best Selling Author, 
and Creator of the Dr Gees Hair Growth Formula

Dr. Williams-Beckles, authored the book “Why Am I Losing My Hair? Diabetes and Hair Loss”, and the most recently publication “The Hidden Secrets of Hair Loss”

She has made appearances on primetime radio and television shows, throughout the Caribbean. As an educator, Germaine is a published contributor to various health magazines and newspapers. She continues to inspire men and women to be the champion of their health. She conducts speaking engagements to groups of beauty experts and aspirants, as well as individual sessions with clients who are dealing with cases of hair and scalp maladies.

Dr. Gees is an accredited board certified Trichologist, and wellness expert whose passion is to help clients to optimize their overall wellness and healthy hair & scalp goals. Over the years she found that most people invest time and money in their outer beauty, without much thought of their wellness. She believes that beauty is about preserving the inner resilience, and that a holistic approach to health is the best gateway to self-actualization.

Her passion, knowledge and over 30 years of experience brought her to the top of her field and it is her desire to advocate for inner beauty and wellness.
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