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Dr. Germaine Williams-Beckles (Dr. Gees)
Founder and CEO of Rayogee Wellness Lifestyle Hair & Scalp Clinic
Best selling author, and creator of the Dr Gees hair growth formula ( HGF)

Doctor of Trichologist, Cosmetologist, Nutritionist, Speaker, Businesswoman, Author, Coach, Mentor and Mother.

Dr. Germaine Williams-Beckles, standing on over 35 years experience, is an accredited beauty and health expert whose passion is to help clients optimize their hair and overall wellness goals. As an educator, Dr. Gees is a published contributor to various health magazines and newspapers.

She has made appearances on primetime radio and television, throughout the Caribbean and Tradeshows in North America; through which she continues to inspire men and women to be the champion of their health.
She is well known for conducting speaking engagements with groups of beauty experts and clinicians, as well as individual sessions with nutritionist and Dietitians who wish to scale there business to include patients who are dealing with severe cases of hair and scalp problems, as well as other pressing nutritional and health issues.
Over the years, she found that most people invest time and money in hair styling, without much thought to healthy hair and scalp. She believes that beauty is about preserving the inner resilience, and that a holistic approach to health is the best gateway to self-actualization. Her passion, knowledge and years of experience brought her to the top of her field and it is her desire to advocate for inner beauty and wellness.

25 years ago, Dr Gees her self, experience hair loss and was totally confused by this, until she found out she had anemia and her body toxicity levels was through the roof, and she needed to correct these disorders to her hair growth cycle, which she did. So she promised herself to help others overcome hair and scalp disorders who are really in need of help.

To date she has helped hundreds of clients successfully treat issues relating to their health, hair and scalp, helping them to regain their confidence using a method she created and crafted called the Dr Gees Hair Growth Formula (HGF). 

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Her aspiration to take her expertise to the next level prompted her to pursue further education which led her to qualify as a Certified Nutrition Counselor and Doctor of Trichology in the USA.

Now she helps others take away the confusion surrounding hair loss and scaly scalp conditions, and any other nutritional and health issues that is causing many people to be financial disrupted and emotional scared.

A Trinidad-born business woman who embarked on her cosmetology education in Trinidad 40 years ago. She later extended her training to the USA and Europe. This included her enrollment at the Wilfred Academy and participation in classes under the most prominent names in the beauty industry, including Floyd Kenyatta, Thomas Hayden, Clem’s International (NY, USA), John Atchinson (NY, USA), Dudley’s Cosmetology University (NC, USA), Sebastian (TT) and Wella, London & Italy, as well as platform artist services in the famous Bonner Brothers Hair Show. Atlanta.

She soon earned the reputation as an experienced Caribbean stylist and directed her into the production of several hair fashion shows, which included the Xante Avante Garde Hair Extravaganza 1 & 2 in Trinidad and Tobago, and assisted in the production of the prestigious Pomposeti and Braggadocios, in Jamaica, Barbados, St. Vincent and St. Lucia. As part of her career, she assisted in the promotion of hair care products for several internationally known and recognized Companies. As well as provided hair style sevices for the Miss universe pageant.


At present she’s on the board of US Trichology, USA

She has develop her own Coaching programs that includes the Dr Gees Hair Growth Formula (HGF) to help other experts provide hair and scalp care services for clients, taking their business to the next level. She also helps other individuals to get rid of their self-shame and be motivated to take their health lifestyle to the next level in order to live their best life now, through online programs and live events

3 Talks Topics :

Topic #1:

The 3Ss to Treating Hair Loss Naturally 

There are over a hundred reasons for hair loss, so the need for natural hair loss treatment is on the rise. Natural treatment can be a wonderful choice if you know what are your options.

You can employ these methods:

  • Self-help: You should categorize the type of hair loss that is present to treat successfully.
  • Self-care: Employ special technique and topical product to prevent physical trauma
  • Self-Protection: Paying close attention to your nutrition deficiencies (3Gs), Illness and medication

Know that wellness plays a major role in treating hair loss naturally. Hair loss! Hair Loss! Continues to be the cry for many individuals.

Topic #2: 

The Domino Effects

Here Dr Gees explains the basic reasons why your health or disease that can cause a domino effect on every aspect of your life. Your Health Is Your Wealth.

She provides important information and advice such as:
  • ​The difference between holistic therapy and medication
  • Detailed information on the best vitamins to combat problem with various types of hair loss
  • Three steps to begin the healing process to live a healthier life.

Know that wellness plays a major role in treating hair loss naturally. Hair loss! Hair Loss! Continues to be the cry for many individuals.

Topic #3: 

3-keys for this Modern World of Stressful Living

Often times you may hear someone say, don’t get yourself so stressed out that you become sick. There is an actually biological basis or reason for the illness. Stressed is a word that is abused, and by just hearing the word “stress” you become “STRESSED”. 

Over the years, Dr Gees has found that there are three key elements that will help each and everyone, no matter the situation, navigate the way through this modern world of stressful living.

"How to Create a Sexy Brand That Stands The Test of Time"
"4C's of Building a Legacy Brand"
"Scaling Your Brand With The Latest Social Media Trends"
I believe your health is your wealth, and in order to live your best life now, you must immerse yourself in all areas of life, career, relationship, love, finance, spiritual life, family life, adventure, and developing new skills. We should not overlook the tool that is available to us that can improve our lives.

I believe that the Dynamics of Trichology is a game changer and the gateway to better living. Our hair, skin and nails are having a conversation with us daily, that should be embrace to avoid health and emotional setbacks.

Just like any other code or language the hair acts as a barometer for the body and can be used as a diagnostic tool.

For example:
A missing eyebrow is saying thyroid or autoimmune issues.

Too much hair on a woman’s chin is saying ovarian or hormonal changes.

Excessive hair fall, is saying stress, toxins or nutritional deficiencies which can be internal disruption.

Let me help you decode the conversation that your hair, skin and nail is having with you. Let me show you how!

Calling all CEO,  Beauty Professionals, Clinicians, and Health Care Coaches...
It's time to expand your reach!

I enjoy being involved in the development of beauty professionals all over the world.

Millions of individuals are suffering from hair loss and are looking for a solution to this complex problem. I believe beauty professionals, and Clinicians see hair and scalp disorders first and should empowered themselves with first-hand knowledge to recognize what they are seeing.

The human body is a well-organized system, so in order to understand hair loss and scalp conditions, you first have to understand how the hair grows and what is the conversation, your hair, nails and skin is having with you in order to make a definite decision.

The more you learn about hair and scalp maladies, the more understanding you’ll have in making a definite decisions by combining the most appropriate strategies with modern technology.


Germaine takes the time to nurture outer and inner beauty. She also delves into the needs of her clients, adopting a holistic life altering approach to beauty and health.

~Denise H
If you're looking for someone to solve your hair, scalp and nutrition needs, then Germaine Williams-Beckles is the solution. I call her "The Fixer" since she can solve almost anything relating to these issues. I'm living proof of that. What I like most about Germaine is how passionate she is about  her craft and vocation as well as her thirst for knowledge, continuous learning and the willingness to share that knowledge. Continue to bless us with your God given talent Germaine.

~ Cheryl B
Germaine has a passion for excellence, not only as trichologist, but as an exceptional counselor and teacher, she takes care of both our hair and our well-being. With God’s help, I know she will continue to strive and achieve her life’s goals.

~ Kathy A
"I was greatly impressed by the knowledge based details that Germaine espoused on Diabetes Mellitus. This showed her phenomenal grasp of the condition and its effects on those who are living with it. This was probably the first book I read that implicated diabetes in detail, with its effect on hair loss. The rationale for this to me was pretty scientific and makes for very interesting reading. I really appreciated the opportunity to review this as it added to my knowledge and general understanding of Diabetes Mellitus. I do believe that this book will help bring a new dimension to what we know about diabetes and also present options to the populace that will ensure that diabetes is better managed. I also believe that this "new" body of knowledge will be a welcomed inclusion to what physicians can recommend to their patients in order to improve their quality of life. So, I sincerely thank you for this With Love,"

~Dr. David Ibeleme
"Dr. Germaine Williams-Beckles sheds light on the true biological reasons for hair loss, standing on over thirty years of experience. She is a master of her craft who uses her education to inform, educate and inspire women globally."

~Mia Redrick
As a long-standing client I’ve seen much growth, both professionally and personally in Germaine. She is the consummate professional constantly bringing newer and improved service and knowledge to her clients, as well as educating herself in order to stay on the cutting edge of the industry.

~ Cheryl F
Its really quite awesome the changes that took place within 1 year of being under the care of Trichologist, Germaine. I was apprehensive at first as with any new venture but I was completely committed to giving it my all, sticking to my multi-therapeutic treament regime. The gradual changes was simply amazing, I started realizing the remarkable hair growth. This change my entire outlook and created the best feeling  ever with the compliments received from friends and family about how great my hair looked.

~ Denise
Doctors, nutritionists, CEOs and TV personalities have nothing but praise for Dr. Germaine and her book. "In her book, “Why am I Losing My Hair? Diabetes and Hair Loss,” Dr. Germaine Williams-Beckles provides a masterful reference guide about hair loss. It is a resource for those who wants to understand more about hair loss, some of the underlying causes and various ways to restore healthy hair and scalp. This book will make a excellent addition to your wellness library." Colleen N. Hawthorne, M.D., The Vibrant Living Strategist Concierge Psychiatric-Medicine Physician Vibrant Living Health & Wellness Coach & Consultant Best Selling Author

~Colleen N. Hawthorne,
With over 2 decade of business consulting, executive coaching, international speaking, and real-life business experiences and a serial entrepreneur in the trenches.

Dr. Germaine has seen persons from all walks of life, build their brand without global expansion in mind. With her progressive way of thinking, she knew it was the only way to go. Living in the Caribbean, she has recognized that the world has become a global tapestry. Moment to moment, the world we live in is changing. This change is evident in all we do, so we need to be more strategic in order to create a better world.

Highlights of  Expertise 

  • International Institute of Trichology
  • ​Élan Centre of Trichology
  • Board of Directors at US Trichology Institute
  • ​Certified Nutritional Consultant
  • ​American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)
  • ​American Medical Certification Association
  • ​International Nutrition Consultants Association

How   I   Work

  • Speaking engagement
  • ​Live Events
  • Online Coaching Programme
  • Membership site
  • ​Newspaper
  • ​Panel Discussion
  • Books
  • ​Magazines
“Your life affects your business and your business affects your life”
~ Matthew DiFrancesco
By expanding our knowledge and combining resources and not limiting ourselves to our home country will create a conscious brand of like mindedness.
When speaking, Dr. Gees uses a fusion of real life stories and her conversational technique to connect with her clients and audience at an intimate, intense and at a personal level.
She gives you a sense of your worth and valued

Dr. Germaine Past Career
 Educator Platform Artistry


You will not find a more comprehensive  and easy  to understand book on effective ways for diabetics to slow or stop hair loss. Dr. Germaine Williams Beckles explains the basic reasons why  diabetics frequently experience hair loss, how alopecia is affected by stress as well as circulation and weight as well as common medication interactions that  impact healthy hair.

Bringing together all of her expertise to  benefit you, she provides such rich advice as:
  • Three steps to begin treating your hair loss.
  • ​The Difference between holistic therapy outcomes and medications.
  • ​Detailed information on the best vitamins to combat problems with varius type of hair loss.
  • ​A comprehensive list of some of the best foods to grow healthy hair.
  • ​Recipes and uses for common natural products for homemade hair strengtheners and scalp treatments.
"Dr. Germaine Williams - Beckles sheds light on the true biological reasons for hair loss and damage while standing on over thirty years of existence. She is a master of her craft who uses her education to inform, educate and inspire women globally."
MIA REDERICK, Business Coach, Author and TV Personality
Three - Times Best Selling Author on
"I was greatly impressed by the knowledge - based details that Germaine espoused on Diabetes Mellitus. This showed her phenomenal grasp of the condition and its effects on those who are living with it. This was probably the first booked I read that implicated diabetes in detail, with its effect on hair loss. I also believe that this "new" body of knowledge will be a welcomed inclusion to what physicians can recommend to their patients in order to improve their quality of life."
DR. DAVID IBELEME, Physicians and Author

Other Publications:

This book aims to assist you in finding your inner potential. This is an introduction to a larger programme, but focuses on 5 key principles that can applied to your daily life, if you are willing to unlock your greatness: your inner potential.
This book aims to unravel the mysteries surrounding hair loss, by focusing on the integumentary system, the hair growth cycle, textures of the hair, common types of hair loss and their possible treatment.
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