Dr. Germaine Williams-Beckles (Dr. Gees)
Director of Rayogee Wellness Lifestyle Hair & Scalp Clinic

Dr Germaine Williams Beckles affectionately called Dr. Gees Is a Trichologist, bestselling author, founder and CEO of Rayogee Wellness Lifestyle Hair and Scalp Clinic and the creator of the Dr. Gees hair growth formula HGF, Mentor, Speaker and Mother.
She sheds light on the true biological reasons for hair loss and scalp conditions.
Dr. Gees is an accredited beauty and health expert whose passion is to help clients to optimize their hair and overall wellness goals. Over the years she found that most people invest time and money in hair styling, without much thought to healthy hair and scalp. She believes that beauty is about preserving the inner resilience, and that a holistic approach to health is the best gateway to self-actualization. Her passion, knowledge and years of experience brought her to the top of her field and it is her desire to advocate for inner beauty and wellness.
As an educator, Germaine is a published contributor to various health magazines and newspapers. She has made appearances on primetime radio and television shows, throughout the Caribbean, through which she continues to inspire men and women to be the champion of their health. She conducts online programs and speaking engagements to groups of beauty experts and individuals on elevating your wellness and transforming lives to a state of healthier living.

Why am I Losing my Hair? 
This is the question many victims ask all the time! 

If you are a Hairdresser, a cosmetologist, you have heard this question many time before. How you answer it will determine how much money you will be leaving on the table?
Let me show you how to build a successful hair loss and healthy scalp business using the knowledge you will gain through the Hair loss unleashed program (even if you just want to make it a side hustle).
Does this Sound Like You?

• People ask you what you can do for their hair to grow healthy (and you’re not sure what to say to them).
You want to help your client (but feel you don’t know enough).
• You have helped some client (but you don’t know how to gain their confidence) because you can’t explain it clearly.
You don’t know how to setup your business, for success. How to deal with client that are emotional about their hair.
You are tired of saying “No” to money!!!
If so, I invite you to join this special Dr. Gees Hair & Scalp Academy (Master class) Hair Loss Unleashed. It is time to take your hair care business to the next level, knowledge can give you the success you deserve
Stop saying no to money, give your client confident that you know how to help them.

It is easy to determine the type of service your clients need when you become more knowledgeable, you can even teach other professional to help their clients.
Price your services correctly, according to the type of issues and client needs.
Learn how to incorporate this business into your current salon business, adding these new services, can raise capital for new equipment and tools. 

When I started my hair loss research, it was to help myself, so I studied hair and scalp disorders for a very long time and after a while I notice that clients who came to me for other types of services needed help also for their hair thinning. So I grew my hair growth business by offering these new services. To prevent, reverse and treat hair loss and scalp disorders with confidents.
Many persons have used my system since 2003, all of which have gone on to recommend other clients for this programme.
But, don’t take my word for it!


"Dr. Germaine Williams-Beckles sheds light on the true biological reasons for hair loss, standing on over thirty years of experience. She is a master of her craft who uses her education to inform, educate and inspire women globally."

Mia Redrick
Business Coach, Author and TV Personality
Finding Definitions, LLC
"I was greatly impressed by the knowledge based details that Germaine espoused on Diabetes Mellitus. This showed her phenomenal grasp of the condition and its effects on those who are living with it. This was probably the first book I read that implicated diabetes in detail, with its effect on hair loss. The rationale for this to me was pretty scientific and makes for very interesting reading. I really appreciated the opportunity to review this as it added to my knowledge and general understanding of Diabetes Mellitus. I do believe that this book will help bring a new dimension to what we know about diabetes and also present options to the populace that will ensure that diabetes is better managed. I also believe that this "new" body of knowledge will be a welcomed inclusion to what physicians can recommend to their patients in order to improve their quality of life. So, I sincerely thank you for this With Love,"

Dr. David Ibeleme
Physician and Author
"Doctors, nutritionists, CEOs and TV personalities have nothing but praise for Dr. Germaine and her book. "In her book, “Why am I Losing My Hair? Diabetes and Hair Loss,” Dr. Germaine Williams-Beckles provides a masterful reference guide about hair loss. It is a resource for those who wants to understand more about hair loss, some of the underlying causes and various ways to restore healthy hair and scalp. This book will make a excellent addition to your wellness library." 

Colleen N. Hawthorne, M.D.
The Vibrant Living Strategist Concierge Psychiatric-Medicine Physician Vibrant Living Health & Wellness Coach & Consultant Best Selling Author
Transformation Testimonial from Nicole
Transformation Testimonial from Marsha

In this 8 module, I will show you how to create a profitable and successful Hair loss and hair care business.

In this programme you will learn:
  • How the hair growth formula will work for you
  • How to prevent hair loss / the specific mechanics you need when consulting with a client
  • How to identify hair loss superfast (instant tips)
  • ​How to identify the difference between psoriasis and seborrheic Dermatitis
  • ​How to build your new clientele – quickly and easily.
  • ​How to think (with the five things every hair loss prevention expert should know).
  • ​How to stop the three (3) biggest hair loss mistakes.
  • ​How to treat according to type of hair and scalp issues
  • ​How to avoid getting stuck because you can’t identify the difference type of hair loss and scared of looking stupid!
  • ​And much more!!!

Training Includes

Module 1
Step by step instructions on how the hair growth
   formula work
The 7 pillar that you must be aware of for 
The importance of Skin
Definition of Trichology with Cosmetology Dermatology and Wellness

Module 2
Analysis of the Hair Scalp to eliminate and treat 
Consulting and profiling
Developing a keen eye
The blood and Hair
Minerals of the Hair

Module 3
Magnifying the skin and composition
Scalp Profile
Hair Profile
Scaly Profile
How to recognize hair and scalp disorder, how to treat and reverse hair loss with great results.

Module 4

 Hair growth cycling
Type of hair and scalp issues
Confident-check to determine the type of service to offer
Identifiable pattern test
10 ways to fix & solve

Module 5
Hair loss 
Hair Treatment
Hair loss causes
Types of Hair loss
2 major scaly scalp conditions
Treating according to types

Module 6
• Tracking client progress
Tools of the Trade
Product Uses
Understand the difference between them

Module 7

• How to price your service right?
Advice and follow-up
• Pricing for maintenance
• When you should study new tools
• My personal checklist to identify hair & scalp issues in 5 minutes

Module 8

The way forward
Everything you need to get started
Exercises/selling your new service
How to get more clients?

Training Includes

1. Membership site with modules and pre-recorded videos
2. Access to our exclusive Facebook group where you can ask question and network with other future haircare experts
3. Special handouts and worksheets to help you plan and implement the steps you must take that you learn in class
4. Q & A sessions in our Facebook group
5. One (1) getting to the point one-to-one call
6. Lifetime access to the recording
7. Discounted rates for our accelerator programs

What is it worth to you to help your client while growing your business?
Millions of individual are suffering from hair loss and scalp conditions and are looking for solution to this complex problem.
I believe beauty professionals and clinicians see hair and scalp disorders first and should empower themselves with first-hand knowledge to recognize what they are seeing and touch their clients lives in a way they were meant to…

Special note...

Learning hair dressing is one thing, but identifying and treating hair and scalp disorders is another. You must become more knowledgeable in order to build a successful Hair & Scalp Business this program is valued well over $6000. However, I really want to help you succeed, so I am taking away all the excuses.

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